Schedule & Fees

 Lesson Policy and Scheduling

  • No Annual Registration Fees
  • Lessons are scheduled weekly  30, 45, 60 min sessions depending on student's level
  • 24 hours cancelation policy

  • Payment are monthly or every semester (group lessons)


Lesson Fees

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  • Private lessons: 30min, 45min, 60min. Depends on the level 
  • Semi Private Lessons: 60min (50min lesson +10min homework). $35 per kid/beginner class (Put your name on the waiting list!)
  • Group Lessons: 60min (50min lesson +10min homework). (Put your name on the waiting list!)
  • Mommy & Me (Age 2): 45min or 60min
  • Sibling&Family discount is available. Please ask Ms. Reiko!
  • Travel fee: depends on the distance. $5 ~ $10
  • Ms. Reiko can take cash, check or PayPal / Zelle

Private Lessons

My private lesson is starting from 30min first for beginners. Students need a keyboard or a piano at home. We will study music theory, correct fingerings, hand shapes, reading music notes on the staff, and more! We will develop the perfect pitch too. We will do a Trial lesson for 30 min first and will schedule future regular lessons. I will be available to travel to your house or you can come to my studio if it's more convenient. Adult piano lesson is available too.

Semi Private Lessons

Semi private lesson is 60 min with 2 kids together. You can invite a friend or a sibling to make your own class.  Students will be beginners or the same level. We will share the time each other but start the class and study music together. Each student will learn solo pieces and try to duet sometimes. We can pick your favorite songs! We will sing and play, and read the music notes. We will also do a music game and a quiz every time to enjoy learning! I can travel to one of the students house and teach. We first do a 45 min trial lesson and will schedule future lessons.

Group Lessons

Group lessons with 3-4 kids together for 60 min (Max 4 kids). Students are grouped by age and ability. Each student will study solo pieces and play some ensemble pieces together. To play ensemble piece, every week, I will give everybody a little homework to prepare for the next class. Students will develop both social skills and musical talent together with fun! Group lesson is available at your home or if you want to take it at your daycare or school, please contact me. I will talk to your school director to have our class with your friends.

Mommy & Me!

A parent or any adult (nanny or grandparent are fine! Music background is not required! :)) must attend the class for 45 min to help your child. A little Homework will be assigned every week.  

Level 1 (Blueberry): Enjoy to listen to the music, movement with rhythm, sing and learn music basics before starting learning piano.  

Level 2 (Raspberry): Enjoy to learning how to play piano. Mom and kid are practicing together and help to understand and study music reading together.   

Level 3 (Apple): Parent can try simple accompany for your child in the class sometimes. (Don't worry! Ms. Reiko is going to help you!) We can play a easy ensemble piece together with fun!