Merry Christmas!

I saw a lot of big & beautiful Christmas trees at my students' houses!  Happy to see the ornaments that I gave my students at the Winter Recital! :)  I have been very busy and not feeling well since Thanksgiving…

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Winter Piano Recital 2023

Congratulations! We had the Winter Recital on December 10th in the afternoon! Everyone enjoyed performing at the winter recital! We had a handbell performance in the beginning! :) All the performers got special recital gifts! Santa was so happy to…

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Happy Halloween!

I visited some of my students houses tonight. Thank you for inviting me! I got Trick or Treat! :) It was really fun!  

This year, my students who attended the Halloween Recital received a special piano chocolate pops!

Halloween Piano Recital 2023 (in-person) 3rd set

Congratulations! We had 17 performers in the 3rd set! The last set has many little boy pianists who played superhero songs! Iron Man, Star Wars, Imperial March, Mandalorian's Theme and Avenger's theme etc. 

Jugoya-Full Moon Metronome

Are you using a metronome when you are practicing? Yesterday, I opened the metronome app on my phone and the display was so dark… there was only one yellow ball in the black screen ! I thought my phone broken…

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Fall 2023 Registration

Hi everyone!  We are in Summer semester and I am preparing for the schedule Fall semester. Registration is starting now! Enjoy your summer!!


Congratulations on passing the BAK piano audition!!

One of my students called me and told me that she passed the BAK audition for piano with high score!! Congratulations!! She has been studying with me so hard for the audition for last year. So proud!! :) 

Congratulations! Spring Piano Recital Day 2 !!

Thank you everyone! Since we got an emergency at the venue on the original recital day, we rescheduled to the last Sunday for some students who couldn't make it! It was a little bit small group, but everyone played wonderfully…

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