Reiko is, quite simply, one of the best piano teachers I've ever seen. She is not only a wonderfully talented musician herself, she is a patient, kind, and thorough instructor. She teaches children not only how to play piano by both ear and reading sheet music; she also works on teaching them age-appropriate musical theory, so they understand not only the "how" but the "why" of music. She is very positive in her feedback, and encourages a growth-mindset toward learning to play. She also has a gift for choosing fun songs for kids that they look forward to learning. My son started with her at 3, and now, at age 7, he astounds me with his ability to hear a line of melody and then play it on the piano. I only wish she'd been around when I was a kid, to teach me!”

— Nicole Greevy


— Griffin Robert Faulkner, age 7

Ms. Reiko was my sons' piano teacher from ages 2 to 6 years. Over those four years, I watched Ms. Reiko instill not only a love of music, but a love of learning. Her gentle approach drew the children into her lessons and made even the most energetic and boisterous children (mine) focus in on the moment. As an early childhood educator, I was skeptic of how she would be able to pull off group lessons with children of such a young age. Her teaching style is one of patience and understanding of the children's abilities and recognizing the child's needs in the moment. I will never forget what she said to my son one day while I was spying on his lesson. He was in a bad mood and did not want to participate in singing or playing the piano. Ms. Reiko got down to his level and said, "You know, Carlo, if you don't want to sing, that is ok because I know that your heart is singing." In that moment, I was so grateful for her presence in my children's lives, even if it was just a few short years. My children are now older and have explored other activities but they still tell me regularly that Ms. Reiko was the best teacher they have ever had. ”

— Stormy Vallejo

My daughter has been learning piano from Ms. Reiko about 3 years. Ms. Reiko is such a wonderful piano teacher. She is kind, cheerful and super friendly to kids. My daughter loves to go to the lesson every week. She is also methodical, comprehensive and thorough by using various approaches very effectively when my daughter is practicing challenging techniques. She fully supported my daughter preparing for BAK audition. The level of her commitment was so high that no other teachers would have been able to match and I was confident that my daughter got a right teacher. And it was proven as my daughter got very good score at the audition. I feel so lucky that Ms. Reiko is my daughter’s piano teacher. She is awesome! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐”

— Sumiyo K.

Ms. Reiko's support and encouragement have meant so much to our seven-year-old daughter, who learned both to practice and to love piano. We participated in a performance with others and were able to observe that Reiko is a very giving teacher who cares and adjusts her method to bring out the best in her individual students. Highly recommended! ”

Christian Toth

Ms Reiko is a wonderful teacher and person who’s had tremendous success with our 8 year old son. When she living in New York our son was attending weekly lessons with Ms Reiko for a period of 3 years. During that time he learned to love music, and established a strong teacher-student bond that was so important, owing to her caring and passionate personality. Reiko went above and beyond. She organized recitals to help her students develop confidence in themselves and set milestones and goals, encouraged parents to play in duets, and let pupils choose songs they liked to learn. We definitely miss Ms Reiko now that she’s in FL. We recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone considering piano lessons.”

Jacob Zimlichman

Ms Reiko revived my son’s interest in piano. After 1.5 year of lesson with a strict Russian piano teacher when he was 5yo, he did not want to have anything else to do with a piano teacher, even though he liked to sit at the piano and improvise on his own. Ms Reiko, with all her patience and cheering, helped him get back into learning, getting him to read the stash, and enjoying practicing (He is 11yo now). She was so much fun that my younger daughter could not wait for her to start taking lessons, too (she started with her at 5 yo). With Ms Reiko, they both made great progress quickly and most of all, had fun learning! Not only is she very supportive, always cheerful, but she also accompanies them on the piano to transform a seemingly boring beginner’s piece into a wonderful one. She has a lovely voice and I loved the fact that she included singing along with piano playing. This helped my kids understood the meaning of the keys in many different ways: the physical key on the piano, the note written on the stash, the sound coming out of the piano, and how to make the sound with their own vocal cords. Ms Reiko also always came with fun japanese stickers to choose from at the end of practice and with colorful music stash very attractive for little ones. We were very sad to see her move away from us here in NYC but Ms Reiko managed to find a great replacement for us based on our kids learning style. Very thoughtful of her and our new piano teacher is spot on! I cannot say enough good things about Ms Reiko and would definitely recommend her anytime!”

Chantal V.

Very knowledgeable, professional and good at understanding the needs of her student.”

— Michael P.

Ms Reiko is a great piano instructor. Our son was 5 when he started and after a year of lessons, he can read music and play with both hands proficiently. We highly recommend her!”

— Scott C.

My wife Juanita and I are thrilled give testimony to the teaching talents and fine character of Reiko! She taught our eight-year old son Carlos piano for over a year. Reiko was enthusiastic, responsible, and totally focused on his continual improvement.”

— Juanita and John Ahearn