Lesson Policies

  • No Annual Registration Fees
  • Scheduling: Lessons are scheduled Weekly basis. (I do not offer fixed time slots for bi-weekly or irregular lessons.) Lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served payment system. That means your requested time slot will only be reserved once payment is received.
  • Tuition: All the lessons must be paid in advance. Tuition is charged per semester (monthly installment is also available. Installment has to made by the FIRST week of the month).  Cash, checks or Zelle are acceptable forms of payment and may be made out to Reiko Bailey.  

    Please make checks payable to: Reiko Bailey 

    Mailing Address: 811 University Blvd. #303, Jupiter, FL 33458 

     A late fee of $30 will be applied to any tuition not paid by the second lesson of the term.  If tuition is not paid after this late fee is applied, lessons will be paused until tuition has been paid. 


    Fall: August - December (18 lessons),  

    Spring: January - May (18 lessons), 

    Summer: June - July 


An early cancellation fee will be applied for students not completing the semester.

  • Lesson Times: Lesson times are reserved on a weekly basis for each student, so make-ups lessons will only be offered if it is a medical or family emergency. A missed lesson due to an emergency will not be refunded. If your missed lesson falls into this emergency category you will have the opportunity to schedule a make-up lesson during the same session it was missed. Travel bans due to weather will not be made up.

  • Missed Lessons: Make-up lessons are limited to two in any given semester, 24-hour cancellation policy required. They may not be carried over from one semester to another. 

  •  Student Piano Recitals: We will have a few student recitals every year! :) (Recital fee required per student.)
  • Sick? If student is sick, please do not come to the lessons to avoid the spreading to any colds, virus, etc. We can switch to Online lessons. Lessons cancelled by Ms. Reiko will be rescheduled.

  •  Inclement Weather 

    Lessons will not be canceled even if local schools are canceled. Lessons will be held as normal regardless of weather unless you receive an email. Lessons may be held via Zoom in the case of inclement weather.

  • During a pandemic, all the students and I must wear a facemask during the lessons. Vaccination required. 

  • Practice: Please encourage your child to make a piano practice time (before dinner or before bed etc.) at least 5 days every week.

  • Liability 

    You release Ms. Reiko from any and all liability and responsibility in any case of personal injury, property damage or loss, injury, accident, or misconduct. In no event shall we be liable to you for indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages, which are hereby excluded by agreement of the parties regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable or whether either of us has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Termination Policy:

1) Please provide at least one month notice in the event that you want to terminate the lessons. 

2) If a student (parent) consistently neglect to pay their tuition on time, said student may be released. 




Let's contact Ms. Reiko Now!

  • Private lessons: 30min, 45min, 60min once a week. Depends on the level and experience. 
  • Adult Private Lessons: 45min or 60min once a week. Depends on the level.
  • Mommy & Me (Age 3): 45min once a week.
  • Home Lessons (Student's house): Available if you take a 60min lesson. 
  • First Lesson & Payment: Please submit the form first from this website, and Ms. Reiko will contact you to schedule the first lesson. Student can take one lesson first and decide if the student want to continue, then we will discuss the schedule and materials. I accept cash, check for the first lesson.

Private Lessons

Private lesson is starting from 30min (45min or 60min). Students need a keyboard or a piano at home before starting the lessons. We will study music theory, correct fingerings, hand shapes, reading music notes on the staff, and more! We will develop the perfect pitch too. You can take one lesson for 30 min first and if you want to continue, we will schedule future regular lessons.  Adult piano lesson is available for 45min or 60min (or 90 min) too.

Mommy & Me!

A parent or any adult (a babysitter or grandparent are able to join! Music background is not required! :)) must attend the class for 45 min to help your child. A little Homework will be assigned every week.