Private Lessons

My private lesson is starting from 30min first for 3-4 years old beginners. Students need a piano or a keyboard (with weighted full keys) at home to practice. I recommend 45min lessons for a student who is 8 years old and up.

Adult students is starting from 45min or 60min.

We will study music theory, correct fingerings, hand shapes, reading music notes on the staff, and more! We will develop the perfect pitch. 


Semi-Private Lessons

Semi private lesson is 60 min with 2 students together. Students will be beginners or the same level (age). Each student will have a private lesson for 15 min during the class to play solo pieces, and we will have some music activities together, and try to duet at the recital. We can pick your favorite songs and sing & play, and read the music notes on the staff. 

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