Happy New Year 2020!!

Happy New Year 2020!! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family & friends during a holiday time! My students gave me Christmas cards and thoughtful little gifts for me, thank you so much! I put them under my Christmas tree. In Christmas season, some of my students said "Why you have a small tree? My tree is much bigger!!!" Well... I have a small living room in my apartment right now, but some day, I will definitely upgrade my 6ft tree like yours! Anyway, I love children so much! During a holiday week, I miss my students, but I relaxed, turned on the mini electronic candles on my tree, and enjoyed playing Christmas songs by myself! :)  Some of my students gave me their beautiful pictures with Christmas cards. I was thinking if I can make it smaller and make a Christmas ornament for my tree and hang it! Maybe next year... I would like to make my student tree! 

I started teaching from New Years Day at 3PM! :) I am looking forward to resuming the lessons with all of my students fin 2020! Now Spring semester begins! Some of new students are contacting me already. I will try to find a slot for everyone! Please feel free to ask me anything if you have any questions.

Happy New Year! :)


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