Holiday time!

Happy Holidays! Most of my students started learning Christmas songs and enjoy playing! Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel etc. Some little students who were beginners and played with only right hand last year, but this year they all challenged to play with making harmonies with their left hand! Sounds very good! They are very excited to perform in front of their family and friends on Christmas!  

Also, as you know, "Frozen 2" just came out a few weeks ago! One of my students who just started learning piano really wanted to play the theme song, so I arranged and made the song easier for her. She has been practicing all the time and the parents told me that she is practicing everywhere: on the handle of the freezer, on the counter, on the floor and on the coffee table! Wonderful happy news!!! Santa is watching you!!! ;)

I made a big Christmas wreath this year and hang it on the door! Some little LED candles are coming soon! My sign of Piano Lessons parts are hidden though... Next time I will post my Christmas tree! Have a happy holiday week!! :)

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