Online Lesson with a long distance student (Florida - Texas)

I used to live in NYC until 2017.  Now I live in Florida.  I have been teaching a  little boy who lived in front of Central Park in Manhattan before I moved to FL.  He has a little girl sister.  We were keeping in touch even though we live different states.  Since March 2020, I have been teaching via on-line.  One day, I got a phone call from his mom and asked me a Skype lessons.  We were so excited to start!  He grew up and his little 3 years old sister wants to study piano too!  Last month, his family moved to Texas from NYC, but we still can keep doing our lessons on Skype!  We set up two devises and can see two screens.  So far, he learned "Harry Potter's Theme", "Star Wars", and his favorite song "Old Town Road". :)

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