Happy Valentine's Day 2023!

Happy Valentine's Day! I saw many of my students came wearing hart shaped glasses and red color clothes, and played lovely pieces for Valetine's week! Really enjoyed! Thank you, everyone!


Winter Piano Recital 2022 [3rd set]

Congratulations! The las set started at 4:00 PM. There are Jupiter Christmas Parade on the same day so some students came right after the parade, but they all made it! :)  

We had Opening Bells with handbell performances. Everybody got…

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Winter Piano Recital 2022 [2nd set]

Congratulations! We had another wonderful performances on Sunday, December 11th at 2:30 PM! 13 students performed their favorite songs! 

Opening Bells with handbells performance! Everyone rang a bell to make a music "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls" together! Great…

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Winter Piano Recital 2022 [1st set]

Congratulations!! We had a wonderful winter piano recital last Sunday, December 11th!

The 1st set started at 1:00 pm. All the students rang the handbells to play "Jingle Bells" & "Deck the Halls", and started the performance! All the students…

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Halloween Piano Recital 2022 (Zoom)

We had our Zoom Halloween Piano Recital at 6:00 PM on October 30th! 

Congratulations! Everyone performed fun & scary pieces with the costume!! 

13 students attended!! 

Happy Halloween! :)

Halloween Piano Recital 2022 (in-person)

Happy Halloween! Congratulations!

Thank you for coming to the Halloween recital! 

Everyone came wearing their costume and perform yesterday!! All the students have been practicing scary or fun pieces specially for Halloween!! 

Hope all the performers enjoyed performing! I enjoyed…

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2022 Fall Registration

Welcome to Ms.Reiko Piano Lesson's School Year 2022 - 2023 ! Please feel free to submit the form and I will contact you to discuss the fall schedule. :) Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Spring Piano Recital 2022: Day 3 !!

Congratulations!! We had the last recital for this Spring last Sunday, June 5th! I am so glad that all the students on the program attended and performed successfully this pandemic year!  This set also had a duet piece, Beethoven's Spring…

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Spring Piano Recital 2022: Day 2 for Online Students!

Congratulations! There was another recital on May 26th for my Online Piano students from New York, Virginia, and Texas +  students who couldn't make the in-person recitals.  Their families who lives in all over the worlds joined to the recital…

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Spring Piano Recital 2022: Day 1 !!

Congratulations!! We had a wonderful Student Piano Recital last Sunday! I am really proud of all of my students and really appreciate everyone who always encourages them!! We finally had our in-person piano recital this year!

[1st Set] May 22nd,

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