Yay! She just finished the Lesson Book 4!

She has been studying Music for Little Mozarts book. There are 4 books from book 1 to 4. She just finished the lesson book 4! I gave her a completion exam and she passed it. Congratulations! When I arrived at…

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Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays! I hope you are so excited to open your Christmas present from Santa Claus! :) I was playing Christmas songs all day today. Thank you so much for studying piano with me! I had a wonderful year with…

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Winter Student Piano Concert 2021

Congratulations! Last Monday, we had a wonderful Student Winter Piano Concert on Zoom! I really enjoyed listening my students' performance! Some students were their first time to perform at the recital but they did it!!! ;) Thank you so much…

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Happy Holidays!

I just decorated my tree today! ;) This year, my students are playing so many holiday songs and enjoy playing! Christmas songs, Hanukkah songs, and Nutcracker suite by Tschaikowsky. So happy to study music with my students every day! Thank…

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Happy Halloween!

Really enjoyed Halloween with my piano students this year too! Thank you so much for studying Halloween songs! ;)


Kawai Upright Piano on Sale

A beautiful Kawai upright piano on sale! One of my students moved and looking for a new owner! Let me know if you are interested! 

Congratulations! Student Piano Recital 2021!

I am very proud of all of my students and really appreciate everyone who always encouraged them! Everyone performed beautifully at the recital! Great job!! Let's keep playing the pieces as your repertoire! ;) Thank you very much!

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of my students gave me a cute & thoughtful gift for Valentine's Day! :)

Christmas Metronome!

Do you use a metronome when you practice? When I was little, I didn't like a metronome. I always frustrated and told my metronome "You are too slow!!".  But metronome is one of the wonderful practice tools! I ask my…

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Happy Christmas weekend

Many of my students sent me some performance videos that they played for their family on Christmas Day! They I really enjoyed watching them!!

I got a lot of Xmas Cards from my students! Yay!! Thank you so much!!


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